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10-layer Computer Motherboard_PCB Design-Shenzhen Grande

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10-layer Computer Motherboard PCB Design / 18 years experience for Circuit Board Layout












Supplier: Shenzhen Grande Electronic

Project:  10-layer Computer Motherboard_PCB Design-Shenzhen Grande

Software: PADS
Layer: 10
Pin Number: 12586 pins
Design Time: about 15 days



PCB Layout Features:
1, FSB speed is 800M, Strict grouping and timing relationship
2, 8pcs DDRII 800M placed on the same side, high density layout, strict topology and timing relationship.
3, Multiple Switching Power Supply, fulfill thermal Design and effectively reduce power supply noise in limited space.
4, Each module reasonably compact layout improves signal quality and reducing cross-talk between signals.
5, Using a standard PCI slot.

PCB Fabrication: 
Layers: 10 
PCB Surface: Immersion Gold  
Material: HTg170, 1oz finished copper
Surface Treatment: HASL
Testing: 100% E-test and impedance control

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