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Why Work with Grande?

Shenzhen Grande Electronic is a leading manufacturer with over 20 years experience in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Industry. We are also a PCB Assembly manufacturer.  We want to offer highest value PCB services and greatest trading experience in a favorable price. We deal with thousands of part numbers on an annual basis and during our 20 years of operation to date, we have learned how to serve our customers well. 

Our advantages:
1. We could provide One stop service of reverse engineering from  PCBA sample to PCB layout and PCBA prototype.
2. With our own PCB and SMT factory, more than 30 engineers,we could always help our customer to lower the production cost by offering an optimal solution in PCB design and production.
3. Over 10 years experience in high density, blind and buried via, EMC, PCB stack-up optimizing and heat dissipation design. 
4. We offer not only PCB/FPC/PCBA, but also excellent technology support and engineering advice for our customers.
5. We are responsible for all the product that we made for our customer. Excellent after-sales service is always available.
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